Farming rises with help of Mobile Apps The complete world is presently affected by one thing, which is the technology. We are well aware of the fact that, it is one thing which has tremendously impacted the life of the human beings in many different ways. It has become an important factor in almost everyone’s life and there is something which we have almost forgotten. Agriculture, this is the one thing which has been helping us to survive in this world. If there was no farmers and farming in the existence, then there would have been no human beings surviving at all. Technology is considered to be important in today’s world, but right from the beginning of the mankind, agriculture is the most prominent thing we could ever think of. We have come a long way from where we were and where we are, at present. There has been an enormous amount of changes happening and it is, in fact, astounding at the same time. Now, the sciences have changed in the ways of farming and agriculture. The machines have started to replace things and it is now that, manpower is replaced by the huge machines. However, technology is built by the humans, no matter Team Tweaks what happens. We need the manpower in all the fields and one of it is the agriculture field as well. The most crucial thing which a human would need in their life is food. Without agriculture it is hard to see a person living healthy, food is the one thing which helps them to stay alive and active throughout their life. Mobile apps have been of great help and there are many of us who have been benefitted by it. There are apps available for farming as well, which will help the farmers to yield better and progress in it. Here is a list of mobile apps, which the professionals who are into farming and agriculture can try and reap the benefits of it. Climate FieldView Climatic conditions are one of the major factors when it comes to farming and agriculture. So, we need to keep a track of the changes happening in the weather, only then we can make sure that the crops are fine and it is right to yield or not. Climate FieldView is a perfect app to any farmer to find out about the climatic changes. The features in this app are interesting and very much helpful as well. We can monitor the status of the field to perform everyday activities. Apart from that, we can capture the field and get feedbacks from the analysts, to know, when is the right time to start Casperon farming or do the needful in the agricultural fields. Sirrus This app can be used for almost anything related to the farming and agriculture but in the digital mode. The software which has been used in the app helps us to make all kinds of predictions in the digitized mode and make the work seamless and simple at the same time. It has pretty amazing features; we can draw boundaries for the field with high definition image capture. A soil sample can be done as well, with the grid feature of the app. Apart from that, this app has the weather forecast feature as well, with which we can plan for the yielding or scouting accordingly. Agrivi Productivity always matters, in whichever field we are working and farming is no exception. Agrivi is an app which helps us to be able improves our production of crops. It gives us guidance on how to increase the production of crops, what are different ways and techniques which we can apply, so as to improve the productivity. The feature which the app has is managing the fields and farms, by analyzing, tracking, usage of the field, expenses made and lot more things can be done with the help of this particular app to be able to increase the production and the reap the benefits out of it. TractorPal Machinery is one of the advanced systems in today’s world, which helps us to reduce the human workload and make the machines work. TractorPal is an app which would help to maintain the details in regards to the machines we are using for agricultural and farming purposes. We can feed in the details about, the trucks, tractors and everything machine which we are using on the fields. Updating, the details of the conditions of the machinery, will help us to do the maintenance for the respective machines. FarmAtHand This particular app is a one stop solution to all the needs of a farmer when it comes to farming. We don’t need to stay on the fields to be able to monitor, how the work is getting done. It can be accomplished within the snap of our fingers and we do not need to wait for long. With the features which are available in this app, we can perform, scouting, spraying, planting, harvesting, yielding, and lots more relate to the farming. It is considered to be one of the most recommended and highly rated apps. FarmLogs FarmLogs is an app which is connected to the cloud and hence it is compatible across different smart devices. We can get the details regarding the fields, crops, soil and the weather reports for us to have a clear picture of the farming which is taking place in our land. If the network of the device is not working properly, no problem, this app would work just perfect even without the connection. The system which is available on the app helps us to manage things in a better and systematic way. Soludrip Crop production in its good condition is only due to the fertilization, without it, we will not be able to produce a good amount of crops. Soludrip is an app where we can find out the details of the fertilization required for the crops and we can keep track of it. It will calculate the nutrient amount required for the crops and the fertilizers would be of water soluble kind. There not need any internet connection, it is portable and would work anywhere. Final Thoughts Agricultural farming is one of an essential thing in a human’s life and these mobile apps would be of great help to the farmers. In a recent survey taken, it is said that there are around 570 million farms in this whole wide world. Most of the farms and agricultural fields are maintained by individuals or families. It is also said that 80 percent of the food production in the world is done on the family farms. Food production is done for almost 10 billion people in today’s world and that is the significantly huge amount. Unfortunately, one of the bitter facts is that there are millions of people still who are unable to have one square meal per day at least. This is a condition which the people from the developing countries and it is expected that this situation will definitely change in the coming years. Technology has developed to great heights and it is having a great impact in almost all the fields. Mobile apps for agriculture are a boon in many ways, as the farmers need not stay in the location. They can have a close watch on their respective farms and make sure that their production is on the rolls and going on full wheels. So, farmers of the world, this is the time to go ahead and start using the technology and make the best out of it. Go ahead and try out these apps, it is going to help us out to make a great production of food for the future and make sure that every individual is able to have three square meals per day and stay healthy.